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I’ve been making baskets since 2018. I work mostly in a European tradition, predominantly with willow (salix) and rush (scirpus lacustris). Over the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to learn from masters in England, Wales, France, Denmark, and Spain. 


I've always been happiest in nature, and have been a gardener for many years. After working as an editor, what I once thrived on—travel, deadlines, the excitement of putting together magazines—started to make me feel frayed. I wanted to live in a slower, quieter way according to the rhythm of the seasons. I also wanted to work in a more physical way, making things on my own from the materials of the land.


I love that baskets are both useful and beautiful, and that the techniques employed and the materials used vary depending on their purpose and the region in which they they are made.  I find it endlessly magical that a bunch of loose sticks can be seamlessly resolved into a 3-dimensional object. 

Cabana Presents: In the Studio with Deborah Needleman
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